Urban Forestry and the Cape Coral Kiwanis – FISH FRY!


The Cape Coral Kiwanis Club Environmental Committee will be hosting a Fish Fry to raise money and awareness for the ongoing Urban Forestry project in Cape Coral. The event will take place April 22nd from 4-8PM at the Cape Coral Kiwanis Hall, located at 360 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral FL, 33993.

Each Year, hundreds of trees are planted along the corridors of our city to beautify and provide future shade and animal habitat. Every ticket bought for this event will directly be planting a tree in Cape Coral.

This event is open to the public, but seating will be limited. We suggest you either arrive early on the date, or RSVP to Environmental@mycapecoralkiwanis.org to guarantee your place!

Payment can be accepted at the door via check or cash. Adults are only $12, Children 12 and under are only $6.

The Kiwanis and Urban Forestry member’s will be frying whitefish (and fish sticks for the kids), in addition to lots of fries from Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries.

We invite you to contact the previously mentioned email address particularly if you are interested in sponsoring this event. Banner sponsor- ships, as well as the ever popular Placemat Sponsorships are available at this time. We encourage you to use this opportunity to meet, network, and advertise to other leaders, doers, and generally great folks like you.

Urban Forestry is growing!
Thanks to the participation of community leaders like you, the past six years have been wildly successful .Within the past six years, over 15 events have been organized, and more importantly, over 7500 native trees* have been planted in our City of Cape Coral Florida.
The great majority of these plantings occur during one of two events which are scheduled annually to coincide with the coming of the rainy, sunny, summer growing season. This year, these events are scheduled from 9-11AM on June 9th and 16th.


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