Plant a Tree…Make the Cape beautifu

POSTED Wed, 06/06/2012 – 2:47pm | POSTED BY laurakk

Saturday morning marks the 8th Urban Forestry planting event, and the first with our new partners, the Cape Coral Kiwanis Foundation.  With the help of many local businesses, and volunteers of all ages, we have planted thousands of trees, and hope to continue well into the future! These plantings require large amounts of volunteer labor, and reader, you are needed more than ever.  The planting will occur from 9:00AM – 11:00AM Saturday morning.

Pizza will be provided and will be served at 11:30AM at the Cape Coral Kiwanis Hall and YMCA located at 360 Santa Barbara Blvd.  While the physical mission is to plant 500 trees on this day, the true mission, as you know, is much more complicated than that.  Although the City of Cape Coral boasts a great park system, the tree canopy, pardon the pun, has a lot of room for growth.  There haven’t been many studies on the direct benefits improvements to ‘green infrastructure’, but urban planners, conservationists, and most inhabitants of planet earth agree with the simple notion that ‘places are improved by planting trees’.

NW corner of Skyline Blvd and Veterans Memorial ParkwayCape Coral, FL

Phone: 33914

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