Award and Fellowship Recipients

George F. Hixson Fellowship

The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President. Hixson, who served from 1916 to 1918, holds the distinction of being the only leader to serve two terms as Kiwanis International President. Overall, his record accounts for more than 50 years of dedication to Kiwanis service.  New George F. Hixson Fellowship members receive two numbered medallions bearing the likeness of Hixson. Both hang from a blue and white ribbon. One is encased in a walnut and velvet shadow box for display, and the other is worn at high-visibility Kiwanis functions. Also awarded is a tie tack/lapel pin.  Funds received for a Hixson Fellowship will be designated to the Kiwanis International Foundation Endowment, earnings from which provide grants to clubs and districts and also support programs such as Key Leader, Service Leadership Programs, and the Sustainability of Universal Salt Iodization (IDD).

Cape Coral Kiwanis George F. Hixson Fellowship Recipients:

Clinton Adams
Donald R. Armstrong
Henry E. Bachman
Oscar C Buser
Judith A Bentley
Levic C. Bentley
Thurman E. Cole
James Docker
Erwin T. Hawley
Samuel E. Huber
Georgette Hutchison
M. L. ‘Lee’ Kefauver
Jeanette Lubins Kroll
Walter J. Laumeyer
Gerald Levy
Beverly Lorenz
William C. Lorenz
James C McCollum
Marguerite McCollum
John M. McLaughlin
Mary F. McLaughlin
Elizabeth M. Nelson
Mary A. Osborne
Linda P. Parrish
Tina G. Pegler
Earl F. Pegram
Dale Regnier
Ivan D. Rinehart
Umberto Rizzi
Susan H. Rolfe
George W. Schuknecht
Richard J. Steets
Ann Vaughn
Walter R. Weck
David Woodruff

Cape Coral Kiwanis George F. Hixson “Diamond” Fellowship Recipients:
Donors who have contributed an additional $1000

Gerald Levy
Levic C. Bentley
Linda P.Parrish
Mary A. Osborne

Walter Zeller Fellow

Donors who give US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project—paid one time or over two years—may become Walter Zeller Fellows (named in honor of the first donor to the Kiwanis International Foundation)


Susan Rolfe
Mike Cerbone
Becki Cole
Walter Laumeyer
Liz Kominar
Richard Rolfe
Walter Booth
Ann Vaughn
Lynne Kemper
Ron Kemper
Traci Miller
Bud Strople
Betty Nelson
Robert Day
Loretta Stuchala
Tina Pegler
Sarah Sansone
David Woodruff
Robert Ayers
Mary McLaughlin
Dr Ralph Ackerman
Marti Burnette
Hugh Goss
Renee Farnkoff
John McDonnell
Joyce Zawrotny


Tablets of Honor
Honored or Memorialized Kiwanis leaders, spouses and friends.
Honorees (or their family members) receive a plaque signifying that a gift of at least US$2,000 was made in their name, as well as a tie tack or lapel pin and a pocket crest.

Arnold Gibbs
Earl F. Pegram
Earven Andersen
Eileen J. Cerney

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